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Ultimate Health and Fitness Tracking Right on Your Finger

Our Story

Our smart rings are not just an accessory but a comprehensive health and fitness companion. Whether used as a chic everyday ring or a unique wedding band, each
ring integrates seamlessly into your life. They feature robust sensors and the
latest technology to monitor critical health metrics including:

• Sleep Quality
• Heart Rate
• Blood Oxygen Levels (Spo2)
• Heart Rate Variability (Hrv)
• Stress Levels
• Blood Glucose Assessment
• Exercise Goals and Vo2 Max
• Menstrual Cycle Tracking

App and Ring Features

Free App | No Monthly Membership | No Subscription Needed

Sleep Monitoring

  • Daily/weekly/monthly sleep graphs (naps, awake time, REM, light sleep and deep sleep)
  • Statistics of total time asleep, sleep duration, sleep efficiency and sleep latency.
  • Sleep Score
  • Average heart rate and Sp02 to track your sleep heart health.
  • Sleep quality report with summary and advice.
  • Personalized sleep goal setting to motivate good sleeping habits.

Stress monitoring

• 24-hour automatic measurements (adjustable time intervals).
• Daily/weekly/monthly stress graph.
• Wear the ring all day for more accurate data about stress levels throughout the day.
• Stress scores range from 1-100 and are used to rate your stress levels throughout the day.
• Understand the connection between your activities and your mental state.
• Pay attention to the signs and conditions you were not aware of.

Non-invasive Diabetic Risk Assessment

• Measure your predicted blood glucose levels anytime.
• Fasting for 8 hours before measuring will improve prediction accuracy.
• Perform a diabetic risk assessment.
• The risk assessment result is for pre-check screening purposes only.
• Daily risk level assessment chart.
• Do no start any new medication or change the type and/or dosage of any existing medication without prior approval from your doctor.

Women Health Monitoring 

  • Detect when your menstrual cycle is about to start (and much more) 
  • Spot which phase of your cycle you’re in.
  • Period Prediction can assist in taking birth control.
  • Reading signals directly from your body as they change.
  • Detect pregnancies before a positive at-home pregnancy test. 
  • Reminder functions including “Menstrual cycle”and “Pregnancy Period”
Free shipping and returns

What They're Saying?

Yea its super bad ass, the sleep algorithm is my favorite feature!

— Quinn, TX

Stress is my biggest concern so I love that it monitors my stress levels throughout the day.

— Jennifer, TX

I’m able to set and track different goals. I get suggestions on when to sleep and how to improve the quality of my life. I love my ring, I now use it when working out too.

— Brian, TX

I bought this ring for my daughter who had just turned 13. My mother recommended I buy this ring to track her menstrual cycle. We love it! And it’s super discreet and fashionable.

— Jasmine, MS